7 Best Monero Wallets (XMR Wallets)

Best Monero Wallet

Monero is no new comer to the cryptocurrencies market, since it’s launch in April 2014, it has continue to gain grounds and yielding fortunes for its holders and investors.

If you are enthusiastic about the new trend of digital currencies (cryptocurrencies), then I am sure you must have heard about Monero. Just like other cryptocurrencies, Monero is a digital asset that keeps gaining ground and popularity in the cryptocurrency market daily. Monero cryptocurrency is otherwise known as XMR.

Lots of individuals are storing these assets in their various Monero wallets because of its daily growth and constant domination. The reason behind the Monero digital currency explosion can be traced to its investing and high privacy features that seem to be topping the charts.

As the days go by, the interest of the public over the Monero cryptocurrency seems to blossom. Hence it becomes important to think about safety when you decide to purchase some of these tokens. It, therefore, becomes necessary to consider the best Monero wallets one can store these digital assets for safety and security.

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In this piece, we will be looking at the seven best Monero wallets that can be used to store your Monero cryptocurrency.

Before we get the ball rolling, what is a cryptocurrency wallet?

What Is a Cryptocurrency Wallet (Monero Wallet)?

This might be one of the first things to cross your mind especially if you are just getting started on the cryptocurrency journey.

Just like we generally know our wallets to be instruments used to keep our documents, cash, as well as all-important items safe, cryptocurrency wallets are used to store your precious cryptocurrency. Likewise, your Monero wallets are used to store your Monero cryptocurrency assets.  

The only difference between our normal wallets used in keeping cash and our cryptocurrency wallets is that one is digitally owned while the other is physically owned. You might want to read about cold and hot cryptocurrency wallets.

So enough of the chit chat let’s get to the subject.

7 Best Monero Wallets

There are so many wallets that can be used to store the Monero cryptocurrency, but our concentration is on the top 7 best. The reason behind mentioning the top seven is based on security, user interface, and lots of important considerations that are necessary while you choose a wallet for your cryptocurrency.

Binance Wallet

Binance is one of the exchanges with the heaviest trading volume. The user interface is quite friendly and it grants you all the flexibility you need to buy, hold and trade the Monero cryptocurrency otherwise known as XMR. It’s considered one of the best exchanges for buying and holding cryptocurrencies. Finally, it provides a perfect wallet for you to store your coins. You can click here to sign up.

KuCoin Wallet

Kucoin is one of the leading Exchanges that provide a perfect Monero (XMR) wallet to store your coins as well. You can click here to sign up.

Trust Wallet

Trust wallet is popular for housing all cryptocurrencies (bitcoin, altcoins, shit coins, meme tokens, etc). The only shortcoming with this exchange is that you will be required to pay transaction fees called – gas fees for any transaction you perform. Nevertheless, Trust wallet provides a very secure wallet for storing your cryptocurrency. Click here to register

Ledger Nano S wallet

A sister to ledger Nano X. This hardware wallet provides a healthy wallet to store your cryptocurrencies. Purchasing one of these will be quite safe to store your assets, provided you don’t get it lost.

Ledger Nano X Hard  Wallet

Ledger Nano X is different from Ledger Nano S although they share close similarities. Ledger nano x is a BlueTooth enabled hardware wallet. It provides a healthy XMR/Monero wallet to store your cryptocurrencies. 

Trezor Model T Wallet

Trezor Model T is also among the top hardware wallets that provide the best Monero wallets to store your cryptocurrencies. You can purchase one of them to store your cryptocurrency securely.

Kraken Wallet

Kraken is an exchange that has a perfect user UX and provides secure Monero wallets to buy, trade and store your XMR coins click here to register.

In conclusion, buying cryptocurrencies should not be done impulsively. You must always Do Your Own Research (DYOR) to avoid great losses.

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