Beginners Guide To The Metaverse

beginner's guide to the Metaverse

The Metaverse is the new normal as we can obviously see lots of digital creatives springing up on a daily basis. Presently, it’s on the lips of everyone how this new digital creative will cause a dimensional shift to our normal world. The world of online games and videos is about to go boom!! with the Metaverse and all the mind-blowing realities it promises.

Have you ever imagined a new world or a new space where humans can coexist alongside virtual reality?


Have you heard/read about a new technological space that’s soon to envelope the world where life would exist just like in the universe?

The only difference would be that technological life would be virtually real and dependent on us(humans) as actors and controllers of our virtual self.  This is called the Metaverse. This article will give you  a glance into this new world that you’ve been hearing about and also give you details of all its representations. In this article you will find all you basically need to know about the metaverse that will enable you to interact with the space properly.

What Is The Metaverse?

The word Metaverse would surely strike a cord in your mind – probably when you hear the Metaverse, you immediately assume it’s the universe. Well, the universe is reality, but the Metaverse is another dimension of reality as well. Its reality is virtually based – using computer technology to develop a unique and simulated space that can be viewed 360 degrees.

The Metaverse is a digital space that has a combination of virtual reality, multiple elements, videos, technology with users existing as if it were our normal existence. From the ongoing, we can say that the Metaverse is a virtual/digital space where people(users) can live, only that this space or dimension is a virtual one – an augmented reality.

According to Wikipedia the metaverse is a hypothesized iteration of the internet, supporting persistent online 3-D virtual environments through conventional personal computing as well as virtual and augmented reality headsets” this more or less paints the Metaverse as a space that tends to make a virtual environment real using persistent online 3-D schemes.

The metaverse seeks to bring all your thoughts to reality. The beautiful part is that you can live alongside this reality while still available here in the real world.

History Of The Metaverse

Even though the Metaverse seems to be new, the term “Metaverse” was said to have been first spoken of in the early 90s. The word Metaverse is said to have been coined by an author named Neal Stephenson. It was Neal Stephenson who first envisioned animated avatars meeting in certain virtual environments (3D buildings) when he wrote his first science fiction novel titled “Snow Crash” during the 1992 Year. By this time Facebook, Microsoft and other tech giants were not in the picture.

Since 1992 we have seen developments and various advancements towards getting a real Metaverse – a virtual world which comprises 3D holograms, videos, virtual reality, augmented reality plus a means of communication. The good thing about this is that, with the advancements and developments towards a real Metaverse, there is hope for the human race to have an augmented reality they can live in.

These advancements and developments are being made by companies who are interested in making a mark in the virtual world as well as introducing the world to a whole new space that encourages the realities we think of.

Opportunities In The Metaverse

Remember from the beginning, we clearly saw that the Metaverse is a different world with diverse components. This will mean that just as we have opportunities in our real world, there will also be opportunities in the Metaverse. Some major opportunities in the Metaverse are career-related, in the sense that opportunities exist for innovators, developers and entrepreneurs. Opportunities are also open to big tech companies who are willing to create and recreate different spaces of the metaverse.

Let’s take a dive into the available opportunities for different skills and careers. If you have had the thought that only tech related careers have or will have opportunities in the Metaverse, you are 100% wrong. Fashion brands have and will always have opportunities open to them in the Metaverse as the avatars and characters developed will be a reflection of different people and races. Currently, we have most big fashion brands making steps that leave a mark in the virtual world that has been created. Clearly there are opportunities for fashion brands.

There are also opportunities for actors, writers and producers. All the spaces and dimensions in the Metaverse will need writers and producers to give them the proper outlook they should have. It may surprise you to note that Bollywood has plans of getting its own virtual space which they plan on calling Bollyverse. Other available opportunities are asset advisors – You can liken asset advisors in the metaverse to financial advisors in the real world. It means there will be a need for a financial advisor, asset advisor in the metaverse. The function of the asset advisor will be to help the users in making investments well as buying of assets in the Metaverse. These asset advisor’s would basically be able to understand the market, hence have the ability to advise their clients on the proper investments to make and the right assets to purchase. There will also be a need for lawyers because the virtual space/virtual universe will be a copy of the real world. This means there is and will be a need for a legal structure to be built in the Metaverse. Amazingly, one of the opportunities available in the metaverse is a tour guide who will be able to help people explore and navigate through the Metavers otherwise called virtual space or virtual universe.

Metaverse Gaming

A proper look at some online games will show you that the Metaverse is a world that already exists even though it is in small rations here and there.  We see online games that are played online in 3D forms, we have online games like Axie and Roblox as earlier mentioned, already trending in the Metaverse space. As regards Metaverse gaming, we are rest assured  opportunities for Metaverse gaming would always be available.

Research has shown that currently, all most people do to earn a living is Metaverse gaming. The amazing part of the Metaverse gaming is the fact that you don’t only have fun while playing, you get to interact with the virtual world and end up with some good financial stances.

How To Invest In The Metaverse

So far, we have been able to point out that there are several opportunities in the Metaverse. At this point, you should be aware of the many opportunities to benefit financially from the metaverse. Basically one of the ways you can invest in the Metaverse is by the purchase of stock and shares from the tech companies fronting the creation of the Metaverse. Some of these companies are Facebook, Microsoft, Unity Software Inc, Roblox Corp (RBLX), Amazon Inc (AMZN), Nvidia Corp (NVDA), Autodesk Inc (ADSK).

Investing in the Metaverse gives you an opportunity to be part of the builders of the future of the digital world and also give you a financial stand for the future.

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Top Metaverse Projects To Watch Out For

For this session we will be talking about the projects – Metaverse coins you should watch out for. With the recent change in name of Facebook, research clearly shows that the rise in demand for metaverse games has led to the gain in the value of certain tokens on the Metaverse platform. Here is a list of projects on the Metaverse which you should watch out for

1. Axie Infinity – this token which is also known as AXS, according to trend is trading currently at $105- $166

2. Decentraland – also known as MANA is trading currently at $2.82 – $5.0

3. Enjin Coin – also known as ENJ is trading currently at $3.36 – $3.99

4. The Sandbox – also known as SAND, this coin is currently trading at $2.65 – $3.0

5. Illuvium – also known as ILV. This coin is currently trading at $1,100 – $1,300

6. Radio Caca – this coin which is also called RACA is currently trading at $0.00372818 – $0.004

7. UFO Gaming – widely known as UFO is currently trading at $0.00002400 – $0.00003

8. Yield Guild Games – this coin also known as YGG has has a tremendous shift and is currently trading at $6.94 – $7.5

9. StarLink – such a beautiful name. Starlink is also known as STARL and is currently trading at $0.00004000 – $0.00006000

10. Merit Circle – the merit circle coin is also known as MC and is currently trading at $7.95 – $8.25

At this point, it is worthy of note that you heed to the advice of financial advisors when making any investments as they have a first hand pulse of the market, qualifying them  to detect and possibly foretell the rise or fall of an asset


A new world is coming and there are clear possibilities of a revolution. This new world comes with amazing opportunities for education and opportunities to also make profit. Just like the big tech companies, you should see the metaverse as a gift box with a whole lot of surprises in it. The Metaverse promises to be amazing. Advancements and technological reforms show that the Metaverse will help humans co-exist with the virtual world. In other news, see you in the new world shortly.

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