EOS Coin Review: is it really worth your time?

EOS Coin Review: is it really worth your time?

Do you want to know how EOS works? Is it really worth your time and attention? Is this coin a good investment for your portfolio or is there another option that will better serve your needs?

There are many aspects of the EOS ecosystem, but what about all these other coins out there that have had significant gains in value over the past year.

The world has been transformed by digital currencies – from Bitcoin to Ethereum, Ripple and Litecoin. Find out what EOS can offer you in this Coin Review.

What is EOS

EOS is a highly scalable platform designed for mass adoption. It has been working on building an ecosystem that’s capable of handling millions of transactions per second in order to increase decentralized applications and Dapps.

It also has the ability to support smart contracts, which will allow businesses to take advantage of all its features without worrying about hosting or scaling costs.

EOS Coin is a cryptocurrency that claims to allow for easy deployment of decentralized applications. The developers need not create from scratch each time, but can instead customize their program and only have to worry about programming the EOS Dapp. This would allow for the creator of an EOS Dapp to save time as they don’t have to reinvent the wheel every single time.

The EOS coin is a decentralised platform for creating, hosting, and running decentralized applications ( DApps ) that will be powered by blockchain technology.

EOS has become one of the most popular cryptos in recent years. From a technical perspective, it’s different from Ethereum because of its consensus model which makes it highly scalable and efficient to use with only 10% power consumption as opposed to Ethereum’s 95%. Additionally; today on Earth we are using POW while Casper POS will be an update that will take place in the future.

The EOS platform is also more energy-efficient than Ethereum’s and has a different approach to governance with BP’s taking major decisions rather than miners on Ethereum who have power overall decision making.

History of EOS

The history of EOS begins in 2017 with the issuance of their whitepaper. The coin is not only one of the most successful cryptocurrency projects but also a blockchain project that has seen success in Ethereum’s network.

EOS is a new cryptocurrency that promises speed and security. The coin has been in the news lately with its introduction of an ICO that surpassed $4 billion dollars, making it one of the biggest financial events ever recorded.

The company behind this project is led by Dan Larimer who developed Steemit and Bitshares before teaming up with Brendan Blumer to develop EOS which they call “a blockchain operating system.” The goal for this platform was to provide decentralized applications (Dapps) that would be able to run on their blockchain.

EOS is a promising cryptocurrency with many features and promises, but there are some concerns about the coin’s recent price fluctuations. If you’re interested in investing any money into this currency for development purposes or as an investment, it might not be worth your time just yet due to its volatility of value over the past few weeks.”

It’s a high-profile project with a lot of potential investors being drawn in by claims it will be “the most powerful infrastructure for decentralized applications ever created.” However, as always, there are many questions surrounding this new coin that need answers before you can decide if it’s worth your time.

EOS price predictions

EOS is currently the most popular cryptocurrency on the market. It has already begun to shoot up in price and it continues to trend upward with every passing day. However, EOS is not without its flaws that could potentially bring about a crash of sorts for investors.

The biggest factor contributing to such a potential downfall would be if other cryptocurrencies steal away from Ethereum some of their customers, as many believe will happen soon enough. If this does occur, then there may be no stopping the price from falling.

Another thing that the EOS price prediction hinges on is Bitcoin’s future success and whether or not it will continue to be more popular than Ethereum. If this does happen, then there is a good chance that the coin could see an even higher increase in value as well.

For the past 3 years, EOS has been a relatively stable coin with little fluctuation in price. However, it is likely to be unstable during its climb up to a higher position during the year as more people are trying to buy into this token.

Despite these risks and uncertainties that come along with investing in the coins, still have high upside potential if they can continue their upward trend over time.

At the time of writing, EOS is trading at $2.90 per token.

  • EOS has a one-year and five-year price estimate of $4.73 and $10.51, respectively, according to WalletInvestor.
  • According to Capital.com, EOS might reach $5.20 in 2023, $7 in 2025, and $11.20 in 2028.
  • CoinQuora estimates a somewhat broad near-term range for EOS. On the downside, this coin might reach $3.78. On the upside, this source has a target price of $22.89.
  • Finally, LongForecast projects EOS’s price to be $2.41 in one year and $5.78 in three years.

Does EOS have a future in 2022

The EOS coin is highly dependant on the price of BTC, and as a result it’s difficult to predict its future. EOS might have a future in 2022 if Bitcoin has another bull run. EOS had 40% losses during COVID-19 and is expected to rise as BTC rises.

EOS’s future is still uncertain, but it might have a bright future in 2022. It will be worth investing in BTC until the price has reached its peak because of how low EOS/BTC ratio could go by then.

The trading Beasts predict that there will be an explosive comeback for EOS by December 2022, so if you’re interested or plan on buying any cryptocurrencies to hold long-term and want to see what happens with this coin (even though it may not make sense at the moment), it’s worth getting in on this coin.

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What affects EOS’s price?


The token supply is fixed at 5% annual growth, but not all tokens are created equal. There were about 1 billion EOS tokens in circulation during the ICO. One of the developers retained 10% of the total number. These coins have a market price that fluctuates according to demand and network performance.

Public perception

This cryptocurrency is volatile like every other cryptocurrency. It’s price fluctuates depending on what the media and public say about it.

Mainstream adoption

EOS is a blockchain platform that allows developers to create decentralized applications. The price of coins will likely benefit as more mainstream companies adopt the technology and its tokens become more widely used.

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