How To Buy Wakanda Inu On Pancake Swap

How to buy wakanda inu on pancake swap

You must have heard of Wakanda Inu, the new African cryptocurrency that promises to overtake popular cryptocurrency tokens like Shiba Inu and DogeCoin. Wakanda Inu, which is less than a month old, has gained a lot of traction in the past couple of days. This token seems to have the backing of all African big boys. As much as this token seems to be predominantly African oriented, Wakanda Inu remains a project that can be bought by anyone who wishes to enjoy the loads of benefits it promises – be you African, European, Asian, American, or Australian.

That notwithstanding, you might be curious about what Wakanda Inu is as well as the blockchain it operates on. Kindly read on, as all your questions will be handled in this post.

If you are yet to know what blockchain is, kindly click here Now.

What Is Wakanda Inu?

Wakanda inu is a cryptocurrency, listed under the smart chain(bep20) network. Wakanda Inu is not a cryptocurrency coin, rather it is a cryptocurrency token that is African oriented. The reason why it is considered a token and not a coin is that it has no Blockchain of its own. Wakanda Inu runs on the bep20/smart chain network – otherwise called the Binance smart chain.

The record has it that most coins bearing the Inu surname, usually run on the Ethereum Blockchain, nevertheless, this new African project seems to be unique by deciding to run on a different platform. This token, just like most Inu tokens (Shiba Inu, Sanshu Inu, Akita Inu) is a dog meme token with practically no utility at the moment.

Since the community looks strong and supportive, things might change as time goes on. Until then, just like all cryptocurrency experts would say, do not consider this financial advice – Do Your Own Research(DYOR). don’t forget to always invest what you can afford to lose.

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How can I buy Wakanda inu?

The first thing you must do when you want to purchase Wakanda Inu is to first have a wallet where you can store these coins as soon as you purchase them successfully. You can create a wallet on meta mask or trust wallet for easy sign-up. The only thing you must be conscious about is safekeeping your passphrase. This is because once you lose it, you lose all your funds and nothing can be done about it.

Some exchanges provide wallets where you can successfully buy and store these tokens but we advise you stick to the easiest way of purchasing Wakanda Inu which is on pancake swap.

Buying Wakanda Inu On Pancake Swap

Purchasing Wakanda inu on pancake swap is simple if you pay attention to the details in this article.

After you must have secured a Wakanda Inu wallet on a Trust wallet or Metamask, the next step is to proceed with buying Wakanda Inu on pancake swap. Trust wallet provides you with multiple wallets as soon as you open your desired wallets.

  1. To open your Wakanda inu wallet on trust wallet, open the trust wallet application and click on the two parallel short arrows with tiny circles as shown in the picture below.

2. You will be provided with a long list of available coins on the trust wallet. Ignore the long list and proceed to the type Wakanda Inu into the search box. As soon as that is done, you will see the Wakanda token pop-up. Kindly switch on your wallet by pushing the switch object as shown in the picture below.

The reason for this would be to view your coins after you must have purchased them on pancake swap.

3. After you must have done the above stated, proceed to your DAapps which is at the foot of your trust wallet application. You can see this in between the wallet icon and the DEX.

4. Once you click on DApps, look for pancake swap and click on it. Doing so automatically directs you to the pancake swap website where you can connect your wallet.

It looks like this

5.After you click on the pancake swap, you will be required to connect your wallet. Proceed and connect your wallet immediately by clicking the provision.

It looks like the picture below;

  1. Once you have successfully connected your wallet, change the Ethereum symbol at the right top of the wallet to smart chain as it will be needed for Gas fees. Gas fees are charges paid to the network for every transaction that is performed on the network.

7. Once you have successfully changed that, you should see the smart chain symbol appear permanently on the right top area of the site. It’s A yellow diamond sitting in a small dark circle.

NB- Never forget that you will always need a smartchain for every single transaction. Hence, you must purchase a BNB smart chain or send it from a wallet with one.

8. .Paste the Wakanda Inu contact address(CA) which can be gotten from the Wakanda Inu website in the provision where you see the BNB. Do the same with your purchased BUSD, USDT, or BNB depending on what you purchased or sent to your trust wallet, paste it on the other provision.

9 .You should have Wakanda Inu below the asset you wish to swap. It should look like the picture below.

  1. When that is done, set your slippage to 12. Slippage is the percentage that goes back to developers for marketing and maintenance. Most times, a portion of this is redistributed to Holders of the token.

To set your slippage, click on the settings button beside “Exchange”. there you will find numbers like 0.1, 0.5, and 1 inside small boxes. Click on the box at the end of the row and set it to 12 then press the exit (X) icon. This brings you back to the swapping area.

11. Enter the amount of BUSD you wish to swap or click MAX – you should automatically see the equivalent number of tokens you will have once swapping is complete.

12.Click on the swap icon, tick the small agree box and confirm your swap.

Kindly wait for the notification of the smart contract executed.

13. You can proceed to check your wallets for reflections. If you can’t find your coins, refresh your wallet and check again.

The process is almost the same if you are using a Meta mask to buy Wakanda Inu from pancake swap. Just take note of the important steps and you are good to go.

List Of Items Needed To Successfully Buy Wakanda Inu On Trust Wallet

  • Your Smart chain for gas fees
  • Your BUSD, BNB, USDT, or it’s equivalent.
  • A working phone with a Data connection.
  • Your trust wallet or meta mask wallet.

Please note that DApps on trust wallet is only available for Android phones. iOS users should use MetaMask for this process. Swapping with pancake swap on Meta Mask is similar even for iOS users.

The same process is used for the purchase of all other cryptocurrencies on pancake swap as well.

See you at the moon!!

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