Mooncash Review: Legit or Scam?

Mooncash Review

MoonCash is an old faucet that falls under the coin faucets category otherwise called moon faucets. Moon faucets encourage 7 different faucets that deposit funds directly to your coin spot-based wallets.

The only way moon cash can be used is in creating a coin spot wallet first of all. This will enable your bitcoin cash to be directed into your coin spot wallet the moment you claim your benefits. You must use the same mailing address on your coinspot for your sign-in to moon cash.

Generally, there are a lot of benefits attached to moon cash only that people lack trust in the project for want of its owner – the owner of moon cash is unknown to date.

I wonder if this should be a problem since it’s a common act in the cryptocurrency world. I mean even the person who created the popular bitcoin used a pseudonym and is still unknown to date.

How To Receive Bitcoin Cash With Moon Cash

Just like other faucets, you earn a stipulated amount of coins within a particular time frame once you click. Moon cash however provides for only faucets as its method of earning. This is unlike most faucet sites that provide a variety of earning methods.

At moon cash, you claim your bitcoin cash once every 5 minutes. This is left to your discretion since you can decide to claim once a day. The amount of bitcoin cash coins to be claimed per session is always displayed. When you tap the claim button, you increase your base amount which gets multiplied bonuses that enable you to earn at least 4times the base amount.

Is MoonCash Legit?

Mooncash is legit as no one has been reportedly scammed from the project, aside people who are having difficulty in withdrawing their earned bonuses

Moon Cash Bonuses

Referral Bonuses

Once you successfully refer an active friend to moon cash, you get a 1% increase bonus which can extend up to a 100%. The criteria for this is that your referrals claim at least once in the last 72 hours.

Again, when you refer people to moon cash, you earn a whopping 25% from their claims. This is not deducted from their gains, it is just a bonus for your hard work.

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Loyalty Bonus

You automatically benefit from this program once you can claim once every day. Consistently claiming your coins can enable it to stack up to 100% although if you miss claiming once in 24 hours, you go back to zero.

General Bonuses

This one comes randomly as no one knows how it applies. Probably it comes from price reflections from the bitcoin cash being traded. There are just random increases in your bitcoin cash holdings.


Bear in mind that these tokens cannot be compared to real tokens since they are not original. They are just used by coinspot. Nevertheless, you can exchange your bags for real cryptocurrency, although it isn’t worth much.

This was established in 2015 and though it looks old, it works well.

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