Scholarships in Canada To Work And Study Abroad

Scholarships in Canada To Work And Study Abroad

Scholarships in Canada To Work And Study Abroad

In Canada, you’ll be welcomed by extremely happy and warm people from various walks of life and various socioeconomic background…

The multicultural environment in Canada is the backdrop that promotes friendliness and peaceful living like no other country this is one of the reasons why students surf online daily in search of Scholarships in Canada. You will find a lot of people from various countries studying, working, and living in Canada.

Scholarships in Canada

In Canada, you will find Partial or fully-funded scholarships that will help you with tuition, while there are also many ways to work while you study in Canada, be it on-campus, off-campus, internships, and co-op placements.

You are allowed to work for 20 hours a week during school sessions and 40 hours per week during school breaks, depending on your institution of choice and visa type.

Reasons to apply for Scholarships in Canada

One of the focus areas of Canadian educational institutions in research and development, if you have a knack for research and development, then you should apply for scholarships in Canada.

The Canada Government offers amazing scholarships in the areas of Medicine, Telecommunication, environmental science, and Agriculture.

To work on-campus or as an intern in any company, you would not require any additional work permit as your study permit is enough to help you find a part-time job, all thanks to the Canadian government for such policies that offer her international students’ ample opportunities and the enabling environment to be able to work for 20 hours every week during semesters and winter breaks.

If you are interested, here is a list of some of the scholarships you can apply for in Canada.

However, kindly note that all scholarship application in Canada requires a proof English proficiency, this can be achieved  by;

Obtained an undergraduate or higher degree instructed entirely in English.

In the previous years, you must have studied in Canada for a minimum of one academic year (8-12 months). or Participated in the National Foreign Language Proficiency Test (WSK) and meet the eligibility criteria or Participated in the IELTS (Academic) or TOEFL proficiency tests, scoring the following minimums: IELTS 6.5, TOEFL (IBT) 95.

For Ministry of Education employees, participated in relevant language training and obtained a certificate of completion (English advanced class) through the Department of Study Abroad Training.

All applicants must meet the minimum USask admission requirement for English Proficiency which may be different from CSC requirements.

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How to apply

The CSC application for Full-Degree and Joint/Sandwich Ph.D. Students are open between March 10 – 31, 2021 (China time).

The CSC application for visiting Scholar/Post-Doctoral Fellows is April 10 – 30, 2021 (China time). Please visit the CSC website for details.

To apply, identify your category and admission procedure below.

Chinese Joint/Sandwich Ph.D. Students

Successful candidates will be provided with a living allowance as determined by the China Scholarship Council (that includes health insurance) for up to 24 months, a return international airfare, and visa application fees.

USask will also provide the resources and equipment (office, laboratory, computer, network & library) needed to perform their research.

Visiting Research Students (Visiting Scholars) and Post-Doctoral Fellows

CSC will consider successful selected Post-Doctoral Fellows for up to 24 months and scholars for up to 12 months for a living allowance as determined by the Chinese government, a return international airfare, and visa application fees.

USask will also provide the resources and equipment (office, laboratory, computer, network, and library) needed to perform their research.

This will support research collaborations between USask, Chinese Scholars, and Post-Doctoral Fellows.

The above-mentioned scholarships in Canada are all still available with an upfront deadline which means an application for the scholarships is still available.

In case you are finding it hard to make the right institutional choices, kindly contact your nearby educational board or kindly leave under this post for further clarification.

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