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The advent of Blockchain has indeed brought about a lot of transformation and improvement to every sector of life it has cut across.

If we talk about the evolution of money, cryptocurrency has done an amazing job to solve the problems of fiat money, thus championing absolute decentralization, void of governmental control.

In previous articles, it is clearly stated how the gaming industry took a new turn, matching towards a better gaming experience for its users, all thanks to the inception of Metaverse – an aspect of crypto that deals with virtual reality and games.

In this article, you would be shown the top Crypto social media platforms that do not only allow you to a social network but goes a step further to give back to you the value you generated using the platform. 

This is to say that you would get paid for doing what makes you happy. Now take a minute and chew on that one… isn’t it just splendid? Look how crypto stepped into social media platforms, and miracles became more real than ever.

If you are just learning about this for the first time, you must be wondering how this is even possible. Hence, I’m sure you can’t wait to have me explain more to you about this.

Well, there’s no need to worry further – that’s why I am here. At this juncture, I want you to grab a snack pack, tighten your seat belt and join me as we explore on this splendid journey. Trust me; it’s going to be a smooth ride.

Haven critically examined many crypto social media platforms, in no particular order, I have come up with the four below as the very top you should consider if you are interested in using these social media platforms and earning from them. They include:





Top Crypto Social Media Platform that reward users



Vybit is a social media platform that deals with the creation and sharing of short videos for the pleasure of users in general.

It also includes a reward system to duly compensate the efforts of users in creating amazing and compelling content for the platform. Thus, when users create and share content,

the amount of engagement and interaction they attain on the platform and satisfying the general users, attracts the activation of a daily financial reward system in the form of an in-app ‘Vibe’ distribution, redeemable with the Solana native token generally denoted as $VI.

Whether you are a casual user or a full-time creator, on Vybit everyone earns! However, your earning is to the degree of the popularity of your content, and the interaction you were able to sustain on the platform. Hence, when you create content and share it with the community, you will receive a financial reward proportional to the amount of value you put out.

With Vybit, democracy has been activated in making money online through social media platforms. Using the instrumentality of engagements, interaction, and content popularity, users can now receive a commensurate reward for the value they create.

By just engaging with the app, Vybit users get to earn Vibes on the platforms. These earnings can also be shared with anyone; favorite content creators and even friends on the platform.

Contrary to other social media platforms, the use of what should have been a ‘LIKE’ button is used here to share VIBES as the user pleases. Furthermore, you can also buy VIBES and share them with your friends, favorite content creators, and what have you.

With the wallet made available on the Vybit website, users can redeem their financial reward at any time they like, using the native token built on the Solana network – $VI. This token can then be converted to any other token of the users’ choice or even a local currency on an exchange platform.



In May 2020, the app ‘Uhive’ was launched on the App Store and Google Play. Ever since then, it has enjoyed an incredible level of growth on all ramifications. Users tend to love the app and everything it represents. In about 11 months after its launch, the app recorded about 1 Million users and still counting.

After the network, the model was established, and the social media element built, the Uhive crypto token was launched next on exchange platforms as (HVE2).

Given the design of this crypto social media platform, REAL utility is guaranteed over-speculation, in contrast to how other cryptos might be. This, therefore, transcends to immediate enjoyment of token ownership by users, as they engage in the app. Furthermore, statistics have it that trades that occurred within the first two weeks of the token launch rated over $1 million for the Uhive token (HVE2).

For years, people have engaged in social media content without getting any direct reward for their contribution. But guess what, with the Uhive, all of that is about to change.

Users are now entitled to rewards for their participation and engagements on the social media platform. When users create NFTs and upload them on the Uhive’s marketplace, they get rewarded with the Uhive tokens which they can choose to share, spend or exchange for cash, other cryptos, or other forms of digital assets. Also, P2P transactions and the use of paywalls are all a part of this phenomenal crypto social media app.

 To put the icing on the cake, the Uhive social media platform is equipped with decentralized moderation. This would imply that you can decide the contents to expose yourself to. You would no longer be forced to entertain content you don’t welcome. With Uhive, there is no censorship in the picture. Instead of disturbing users with unwanted content, the Uhive platform utilizes its cryptocurrency token to create a source of income for its users.

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It is no longer news about how frustrated people are about the fact that they have no control of their data on centralized social media platforms. As a matter, some of these centralized social media platforms go to the extreme of monetizing the personal data of their users for advertisement purposes, thus leading to cyber security unrest and the problem of people being exposed to see contents they didn’t bargain for.

The need for a decentralized social media platform became the cry of many, and Sapien has come to answer that call. To further prove the value of what Sapien has brought to the table, statistics have it that barely two hours of the company’s presale in January 2018; a whooping sum of $11 million was raised by Sapien. Now that’s what you call incredible! This outcome even outweighed the expectation of the team behind Sapien.

The Sapien platform eliminates all centralized intermediaries, making the social media platform customizable and democratic, using blockchain technology. This platform does not only promise democracy in social news, it also goes on to reward its users as they create content and engage the Sapien community. On the Sapien platform, your desires are met and your wishes granted. More so, you get rewarded for your contribution to the platform.

Because of the inherent dangers in exposing personal data to the wrong people, the Sapien platform has made it possible for users to decide the amount of personal data they choose to share and with whom they can share. Plus, you can narrow down the contents you allow into your space to only the things that tickle your fancy. The balance, therefore, is that while you can choose to express yourself as you desire, the other user can also choose to limit the extent of what they want to see or hear.

Before I wrap up on this one, it is also important I mention to you that the Sapien platform is built on the Ethereum blockchain, which simply means that it has great prospects for a fast-growing marketplace. The ERC20 is the platform’s token that would be used to fuel the marketplace exercises of the social media platform.



With the Vevue social media platform, earning money while creating the content you love becomes very easy. The platform runs a financial reward system, using blockchain technology that enables users to get paid as they engage with the app in creating and sharing content in the forms of short videos, or by just answering a Request near you. All you have to do is open the app, do the same old things you do with other social media apps, but this time, get paid for doing it!

In Vevue, all users are allowed ownership of the contents they create on the platform, and can always monetize it at wish, without any centralized body in the middle. As you participate and contribute to the community, you get rewarded – it is that simple!

Furthermore, regardless of whatever app user you might be, Vevue is equipped to appeal to your uniqueness and preferences. Using the platform’s splitter technology and paywall system, content creators and users, in general, can begin earning instantaneously. Isn’t that just amazing?


It is unarguable that blockchain technology is bringing revolution to everything it comes in contact with. Social media platforms are not left out. The world of social media will never remain the same. If you have followed me through this article, you would have already seen why this is true. For instance, you can earn instantly, while you perform your regular social media activities. Plus, you get to enjoy democracy and decentralization, just to mention a few – I mean, what more could one ever ask for?

If you are yet to take advantage of these revenue-generating social media platforms, then jump on it very quickly – this is the future!

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