Top 5 Metaverse Coins You Should Hold In 2022

Metaverse coin to hold in 2022

The metaverse, which is otherwise known as ‘’virtual worlds,’’ is increasingly becoming an online sphere that can’t be ignored or thrown under the carpet. Its feature and characteristics are beyond promising. Much more was the recent endorsement from one of the world’s richest men and owner of one of the world’s biggest companies, no other person but Mark – the founder of Facebook and owner of various social media platforms. If you are still in denial about the potentials of the metaverse phenomenon, then the rebranding of Facebook to ‘’Meta’’ should convince you.

Mark Zuckerberg is rumored to have paid a whooping sum of $60 Million to acquire the Meta, that should tell you that there’s something promising about metaverse coins’

A couple of years ago when Bitcoin emerged, many ignored her potentials, turning a blind eye to what it has to offer. Today, you will agree with me that the same Bitcoin has made a lot of people millionaires. You too can be next. Guess what, the metaverse is another gem you mustn’t ignore. We must embrace it now it is growing so that we can be among the people milking the juice from it in the nearest future.

Just recently, the Solana project in collaboration with other big institutions has just pumped in some millions of dollars, all to enhance the metaverse phenomenon. Other blockchain networks have also followed suit.

Therefore, I am saying all of these to help you understand why it is important to invest and hold metaverse coins in the year 2022. The Crypto space is getting bigger and bigger as the days go by. Gaming on this platform given its special features speaks volumes of the future of the gaming industry. Just like cryptocurrency came to bring revolution to fiat money, Metaverse has come to stay, and transform the gaming industry for the better. You don’t want to miss out on this one, trust me.

Having studied the market capitalization of the various metaverse coins, and critically examined the projects and their proposed features, this article is narrowed down to 5 metaverse coins that can make you rich or richer if you invest and hold them. Below are the top 5 in alphabetical order.

Axie Infinity (AXS)

Axie Infinity

Talk about popularity and high-income games on the blockchain network, then you would be wrong not to mention the Axie Infinity game. Many people have already started milking early the profitability of investing in a gaming token such as this one.

Just like a lot of people are fund of other NFT games like ‘Pokemon Go,’ Axie Infinity is another NFT pet game that promises to put a smile on the faces of her investors. A profound feature of this game that I find very interesting is the ‘play-to-earn’ attribute it possesses. This beyond every reasonable doubt promises a rewarding future for the token holders of AXS.

Blocktopia (BLOCK)


The Blocktopia project seems to be traveling by the speed of light. It had only just recently entered the metaverse space, yet it is making a lot of waves. Currently, some renowned exchange platforms like KuCoin, Gate.IO, OKEx have welcomed the Blocktopia coin. Plus, the polygon network has also endorsed the coin. As if that was not enough, some prominent investors in the gaming industry have pumped in some funds to this project.

The project – Blocktopia is special because it uses a ‘’state-of-the-art’’ real-time 3D creation engine to enhance her gaming visual experience in VR effects. Interestingly, the game has about 21 levels. Using NFT mechanisms, you can buy BLOK real estate. Plus, you must note that the staking program goes a long way to determine the utility of tokens, with an estimated annual return of 60%.

Decentraland (MANA)

Just as the name implies, the Decentraland coin is centered around the concept of decentralizing virtual reality on its platforms. MANA has come to stay, I must confess. It all started back in 2017 when the project made its way into the crypto sphere and on the Ethereum blockchain network. Talk about features, this metaverse gem brings to light your ability to acquire LAND, and go as far as developing it, given your fashion, style, and preferences on virtual reality.

If you are concerned about partaking in the policy-making process of the token you possess, then MANA is the coin for you. Token holders of MANA are allowed to cast votes for the policy formation and update of the project. Furthermore, they also contribute greatly in determining the details for auctioning LAND.

Facts have it that only 1.8 billion tokens of MANA are currently in circulation, out of the 2.2 billion tokens in supply. Available parcels of land are limited to 90,601, while each LAND is about 16 square meters. As you must have figured out already, the blood that runs in the vein of this project happens to be MANA.

If you are familiar with the Hebrew Torah that records the account of ‘’MANA’’ falling from the sky to feed the hungry Israelites, then I want you to also see the MANA token as the financial breakthrough of 2022 and subsequent years.

Sandbox (SAND)

Sand Coin

The Metaverse space is indeed a big one, thus deciding on a particular token to invest in is a bit difficult. But of course, that is what this whole article is all about in the first place. On that note, I want to introduce to you for free another rear gem in the virtual worlds – SAND!

SAND happens to be one of the metaverse projects with an awesome utility value advantage. SAND has been projected to compete favorably with the market capitalization of Axie Infinity in the nearest future. Some even have it that SAND might surpass AXS sooner than later, all things being equal.

In the virtual world of SAND, the users find it easy and friendly to maneuver and use. This of course speaks volumes of how much people would want to tilt towards the metaverse gem. When you want to talk about a virtual reality game designed to suit the decentralized need of gaming in the metaverse industry, you must have to mention the SAND.

The gaming platform and NFT marketplace of The Sandbox accommodate in her ecosystem a user-generated content design that would enable the user to not only play games, but much create and build games on the Ethereum blockchain to their taste and unique designs, and consequently monetize these games as well. Isn’t that just amazing?  

Furthermore, players can also enjoy the privilege of creating non-fungible tokens (NFTs), which they can upload and integrate into the gaming platform. Using the game maker, users are allowed to create 3D games with zero charges. Interestingly, you don’t even need knowledge of coding to pull this off, all you require is already made available In the scripting tool that enables you to design visual reality games in a matter of minutes, after which you can own your creation and put it out on the gaming platform using VoxEdit. The Sandbox token makes all of these a possibility to enjoy.

To further enjoy the virtual experience of gaming on the Sandbox platform, users are allowed to acquire LAND and ESTATES, which they can build and develop to their style. The next question you might want to ask would be, ‘’what is the main use case of the SAND token?’’ well, the main use case of this token would include the following:

  • platform access
  • staking
  • governance and
  • core foundation

As you may rightly know, scarcity appreciates price. Hence, it is undoubtedly a fact that as the game keeps growing, evolving, and gaining more ground among its peers, scarcity of the SAND token is bound to hit the metaverse, which automatically signifies a significant increment in price value. Thus, making the SAND token a sure bet for anyone who wants to maximize profit in the crypto sphere come 2022.

Somnium Space (CUBE)


Somnium Space is a metaverse project that guarantees users the 3D experience of gaming. Apart from the acquisition of LAND on this virtual reality platform, players can also take a step further to create full-bodied 3D avatars in the game. Guess what, many other nun-fungible tokens have resorted to using these avatars as the virtual reality gaming industry continues to grow in the crypto sphere. Also, using the Somnium WebXR platform, you can access and explore any and every part of the metaverse, even while in the VR mode – you would agree that nothing beats this. With this innovation, we have now come to witness the advent of NFT integration in the metaverse space.

The token that powers the Somnium Space is known as CUBE. For transactions to happen; assets transferred, and value exchanged on the Somnium Space, the CUBE token is required, hence placing a lot of value on the coin. Given the amazing features of this project, and what it is already accomplishing in the metaverse world, wisdom demands you add it to the coins you must bag in your portfolio for the nearest future.

The Somnium Space project also went ahead to choose another route for the blockchain network. Instead of using the Ethereum blockchain network like many other metaverse projects, it chose the Polygon network which makes it easy for users, thus removing the barriers suffered by them.


Metaverse is a fast-increasing part of crypto that is still young and very promising. Like I stated earlier when I started, many people ignored Bitcoin many years ago and regretted it deeply. This is another opportunity to invest and earn massively in the nearest future. Hence, wisdom demands you join the many that will take advantage of this industry now it is still very much affordable and enjoy tomorrow.

It is also important to understand that to develop the full potentials of a game, time is required. This is why you must invest and exercise some patience, as it would surely pay off soon. I would recommend metaverse coins for long-term hold – that is where the greatest profitability lies.

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