Top Tech Blogs to read in Nigeria in 2022

Top Tech Blogs to read in Nigeria in 2022

Top Tech Blogs to read in Nigeria in 2022

Tech blogs in Nigeria play a crucial role in the technology information sector; they provide an endless stream of knowledge for tech enthusiasts In Nigeria. Aside from tech education, these platforms have been at the forefront of technology education, tech opportunities, boot camps, and career advancement for TechStars.

Presently, in Nigeria, they seem to be massive career conversion into the tech industry, most first-timers In the industry are earning up to 7 figures just after one year of learning about tech.

Most foreign/international companies’ demand for tech talents is currently at an all-time high and they are ready for do anything to get the best hands.

In 2022, if you want to make your tech dreams come true, you must pursue knowledge and invest in the best tech education.

If your dream is to become a major key player in the tech industry then you must do well to know about these top tech blogs in Nigeria.

In the article, we have compiled a list of some of Nigeria’s finest tech blogs that have stood the test of time over the years.  Some of the names on this list are here because they meet certain criteria, which include track record and quality tech education.

Without further ado, in no particular order here is the list of top tech blogs to read in 2022;

Techpoint Africa

Techpoint Africa has been a major voice in the tech information and education space for years, they have helped countless start-ups to gain traction in Africa and the world, and they have wide followership and readership.

Top Tech Blogs to read in Nigeria in 2022 is your go platform for everything tech and cryptocurrency education, news, update, interviews, and recent update in the cryptocurrency and technology sphere, we are poised to be a leading voice in the tech education industry.

Tech next Ng

Technext Ng is leading the frontiers for groundbreaking innovations and premium content in the tech education space. This tech blog spotlight some amazing innovations from Africa showcasing to the rest of the world.


Techcabal is not a newcomer to the tech education space, they have been around since early 2013 and have become key players pioneering the conversation for the massive adoption in Nigeria and Africa at large.


 Techcity is home to tech reviews, tech news, and business news, and step by step guide to all tech-related news. Tech city is indeed a “city” to gain unlimited knowledge about all things tech and broaden your cope about tech.

Disrupt Africa

Disrupt Africa is one of the most prodigious tech blogs in Africa that is centered on tech startups and investment. They cover tech news, trends, hubs, and events in the entire African continent. They pride themselves as the number one startup hub in Africa.

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Ogbonge Blog

Ogbonge blog has been around for a long time in the tech and digital space, they also provide solutions to the everyday tech-related challenge, digital marketing tips, blogging tips


TechRez was founded with the goal of infusing technology and entrepreneurship in the DNA of Nigerian youths. TechRez is focused on providing science and tech news, gadget reviews, smartphone reviews, gaming tips and reviews, apps reviews, helping startups rise and entrepreneurs get on the right footing to achieve big.

these are some of the top tech blogs you should read in Nigeria in 2022, is there any other tech blog worthy to be in this list? kindly let us know in the comment section.

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