Work in USA for Foreigners With or Without Academic Qualification 2021

work in the USA as a foreigner

Work in USA for Foreigners

If you are interested or looking for information on work in USA for foreigners and you are tired because of fake promises and scam travel agent and don’t know where and how to get started?

Look no further, because this page has all the right information about everything you need to know about how to work in USA for Foreigners.

For this sole purpose, I have written a detailed and depth body of work on how to get a job in the USA.

With so much excitement, I share this interesting article on the processes of work in the USA for foreigners.

With so much excitement, I have shared this interesting article with friends and colleagues on the processes of work in the USA for foreigners.

What must you do to get Work in the USA?

US work permit

To an extent, I realized that working in the USA without having to get a work visa was quite hard; furthermore, one of the major things you must do to get a job in the USA as a foreigner is to get a Visa first. Once you have gotten a visa, you are ready to move to the USA and search for a job.

How to get a USA Work Visa

To get a USA Work Visa, you must apply for a USA work visa at the US Consulate or the USA Embassy in your country.

These are the following steps to take;

  1. Choose the type of US visa of your choice
  2. Fill the Non-immigrant visa Application Form DS-160
  3. Pay your application fee
  4. Schedule your visa interview
  5. Compile the document file
  6. Attend the visa interview
  7. Wait for processing
  8. Check the purpose you need the visa for:

When asked what’s the purpose of your visit to the United States. The following option will be given to you to make a choice.

  • Tourism

• Visit family

• Medical Treatment

• Transit

• Attend an event or conference

• Attend business meetings

• Negotiate business meetings

1.       Choose the Visa Type

The next step gives you the option to choose the type of visa you would love to get because they are a lot different.

2. Fill the Non-Immigrant Visa Application Form DS-160

DS-160 is an Online Non-immigrant Visa Application you must fill if you are applying for a USA non-immigrant visa.

This form is on the website of the US consulate to which you are applying.


The application form DS-160 is very easy to fill out. It consists of two parts. For the first part, you must answer questions about your personal information, such as:

• Full name

• Marital Status

• Nationality

• Date & Place of Birth

• Address


• Mobile number

• Email

• Passport number

• Passport book number

• Family information

• Education

• Work

The second part of the online application form comprises questions on security and background, such as:

• Have ever been convicted or arrested for an offense or crime?

• Have you ever been engaged in a conspiracy to violate any law relative to contraband substances?

• Have ever been involved in money laundering.

• Have you ever ordered, committed, assisted, or in any way taken part in the genocide, etc

3. Pay your US Visa Application Fee

The next step of the US visa application process is paying for the US visa application fees.

Bear in mind that the visa fee is a non-refundable payment if in case you ended your application or if your application is rejected.

You may also be asked to pay US visa issuance fees.

Visa issuance fees are determined by the relationship that the United States has with your country. This simply means that some applicants will have to pay them while some may not. However, the amount varies for different countries.

To be successful with your application process, you must pay all the compulsory fees and keep receipts for evidence.

4. Schedule a US Visa Interview

All US non-immigrant visa applicants ranging from 14 to 79 years of age are required to go through a scheduled US visa interview.

To have this compulsory interview, you must book an appointment with the US consulate or embassy to which you are applying.

5. Compile the Document File

Besides your application Form DS-160, you must also submit other required documents mandatory for your US visa application

6. Attend the visa interview

The last step in the application process is the US visa interview. You also ensure that you appear on time for the interview with all your verified documents.

The interview properly involves the officials asking questions about your background and other vital details based on the visa you have applied for.

Also, bear in mind that if you intend to travel to the US to work, the interview might take longer if you were just going for a visit.

7. Wait for Processing

After the visa interview, kindly wait for your application to be processed.

The duration of processing the visa depends on the type of visa you applied for and may take few months. While the visa is processed, you will get to find out whether you were approved or declined.


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Why a U.S. Work Permit is Necessary for You?

Working in the U.S. is a dream come- through for people from all over the globe. In some cases, it’s foreign nationals wishing to work in the United States to usually apply for a U.S. work visa.

There are several types of U.S. work visas available, and applicants must choose which ones they are eligible, and how to apply correctly and prepare documentation.

Note: Employers are asked to verify that their employees may work in the United States. Permanent residents, asylums, refugees, and certain non-immigrants have employment authorization because of their immigration status.

Migrants who do not fall into these categories, such as certain family members of employment-based non-immigrants, may need to apply for an EAD from USCIS.

The documentation for the employee submits to show employment authorization varies depending on the employee’s immigration status or another basis for employment authorization.

Difference between Visa and Work Permit

The difference between a visa and a work permit is that a visa is a document gotten by an individual to enter a certain country, on the other hand, a work permit is an employment letter issued by an employer to the employee needed for entering the country.

Also, Get a Social Security Card!

If you are a non-American citizen interested in working in the U.S., you will need a social security number to be employed in the United States.

How to Get a Work in the USA as a Foreigner

If you are keen on getting a job as a foreigner, you need to apply for a job in the United States.

Then you must be able to build a good relationship with your employer, this is the first step when looking for a job that is necessary and helpful. But this is not limited to:

• Have a clear picture of what job you are looking for

• Be sure your certificate is guaranteed enough to merit a job in the USA

• Target strictly companies that sponsor the type of visa you have.

• Have a strong resume, including a cover letter, online presence, and recommendations.

How to Search Work in USA for Foreigners

The moment you decide to do everything to start your work search in the USA,  here are a few tips on how to gain employment in any company you apply to:

• Job Application–You need to apply to only open positions

• Spontaneous Application–Continue to apply to such an open position again in the usual expression is ‘near’ future.

• Create a Network of Friends–You need to create rapport with people working in such companies so that you can stand a chance of getting recommended by someone you know

• Direct Approach–You can contact directly the right internal people in the recruitment team for employment help even if you don’t know them.


How to Work in USA as a Foreigners without Academic Qualification

Now you may try by applying the above strategies to secure a job easily anywhere in the world.

The following is the list of the best work with good payment in the United States for foreigners.

1. Truck Driver

2. Plumbing

3. Security Personnel

Work in the USA for foreigners with Academic Qualification

1. Pharmacy technician

2. Software engineering

3. Nursing/midwifery

4. Nurse Anesthetic

5. Psychiatric nurse

6.Information security analyst


Steps on How to Get a Job in the USA with a Career Change

Changing a career is always a good plan especially if you are changing to a better environment like the USA where things are structured and organized. For most persons, career change either in the same field or an entirely new field will give your career the needed boost to stand out, and then try the USA.

Here are a few steps on how to get a job in the USA with a career change

Find a new career and identify your strength.

Do your research to get a new career idea

Know if you have the certification to do the job.

Volunteer to work in a related field.

Know if you have the right visa.


Benefits of working in the US

Working in the US has its perks and benefits, most of these benefits are some of the best any country in the world has to offer;

Some of the benefits of working in the US include;

Pension plan

Thrift saving plan

Health insurance

Life insurance

Flexible spending account


Working as a foreigner in the USA can be a start of a better life for you and your family if leaving your country is something you plan on doing in the nearest future, this article should be your point of reference, just let us what you think.

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